Tenant's FAQs


Do I have to fill out an application prior to seeing a property?

NOPE. We will show you a property without filling out an application. We do however need your phone number, so that incase we are unable to make the showing appointment, we can call and let you know.

How much is the application fee?

We do not charge an application fee. It is free to fill out an application and hand it in. If the owner of the property that you want to rent picks your application to go forward, you would then have to pay for a background / credit check.

How much is the backgound / credit check?

The background / credit check is $30 per person that is 18 or older. You only pay for it, if the owner picks you. Some places charge $85 per person and will not show you the property until you pay. Not us. Please give us a FIVE STAR review if you like only paying $30 for the background/credit check AFTER you have seen the property, like it and got picked by the owner to go ahead.

Do I have to fill out a new application and/or do a new background / credit check for each property that I apply for?

No. We take your application and keep it for one year. We use the same application for all of our vacancies. The credit/background check is good for 30 days.

What are the criteria for qualifiying for a rental?

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION Most owners want the applicant/s to make a monthly gross income amount equal to or greater than 3x the monthy rent. OR be able to show that they have enough funds to cover the monthly rent x12. The background/credit check should not have any evictions in the last 2 years, no felonie convictions in the last 7 years, no outstanding collections in the last 2 years. These criteria are not set in stone, each owner is different on what they will except or not. We do make sure that all Federal and State Fair Housing Laws are followed.

What utilities do I have to pay?

If the rental property is within Bullhead City limits, the owner usually pays for TRASH. The owners pay monthly HOA dues but this may increase the price of rent.  Tenants usually are incharge of paying for electricity, water, sewer (if applicable), natural gas (if applicable), internet, and phone. Every property is different, every owner is different in what they are willing to pay for. Check with us to see what is covered and what is not. Then make sure it is in your lease agreement.

Will you inspect the property every week, month or year?

On average, we do one annual inspection per year. We check for things that may need attention, specifically but not limited to plumbing connections for sink, toilets, washer and water heater, condition of ceilling inside of unit, if A/C filters have been changed, if smoke detectors have batteries installed and are operational, cleanliness of the property inside and out, how many pets, how many people, condition of visable flooring, any potential red flags for danger or damage...... Every owner is different in what they want us to check if they want one, two or zero inspections per year. Check with the management team prior to renting a property, on the frequency of inpections for the specific unit.

How many people can i have live at the property?

Per HUD safety guidelines, occupancy shall not exceed more than 2 persons per bedroom

Do you except pets? If yes how much?

We manage many different properties owned by many different owners. Every owner is different on what they want to except pets, how much deposit they want, and if there would be an additional pet fee per month. Inquire with a property manager about the pet policies of the property you want to lease. Service animals are not concidered pets.

If I hand in my application first, do I get picked to lease the property?

We manage many different properties owned by many different owners. Every owner is different on if they want to go with the first application or if they want us to gather several for them to look at and choose from. We do our best to get you an answer as soon as possible.

How come you told me the property is not available, but still shows vacant on your website and still has a sign in the front yard?

We do not take the sign off of the property or change the status of the property on all of the many websites until there is a signed lease. This is due to the fact that sometimes the selected tenant does not follow thru with the lease. We do take backup applications on every property until we have a signed lease.




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