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Thank you for considering Near Me Property Management for your investment property. Our mission is to help you protect your investment and provide the best customer service around. We take pride in being an IN PERSON AND HANDS ON company that is reliable, honest, and trustworthy.

We realize you have other options when it comes to property management for your investment. We know that our clients choose us because we go above and beyond, offering property owners and tenants alike the best possible service. We strive to build a great relationship between both our tenants and our clients, acting as a professional and caring liaison. At Near Me Property Management, our professionals provide excellent services, which has helped push us to the top of the field in the area.


We are pleased to take an approach to property management that allows you to choose what types of services you would like. Choose from our full service program with two different price plans or other options focused on tenant placement or house sitting.


Our full service program handles all aspects of qualifying tenants, administration, maintenance and collections.

We have either the 6% Separate fees plan Or the 10% Less Hassle Plan Contact us if you want us to send you a detailed breakdown of all charges and which plan would be the cheaper option for your situation.


This plan works well for some of our owners that live locally but don't want the headache of trying to find a tenant and do all of the paperwork. For tenant placement, owner managed, we charge a $95 signup fee, and one full month's rent ($1200 min). That's it no other fees.



  • View the property inside and outside
  • Make notes of any potential hazards that were observed
  • Make notes of any cleaning needed
  • Make notes of any yard work needed
  • Make notes of any repairs needed
  • Come up with an estimated rent price range
  • Send report to owner

Disclaimer. We are not property inspectors, licensed contractors or home inspectors. We only give you feedback on what we see. Not all things will be discovered.


Without an effective marketing strategy, your rental property could sit empty for a while, costing you money. At Near me Property Management, we are experts when it comes to effectively marketing rental properties and will use our skills to help assess your property and design a custom marketing plan. In addition to providing individual services, we also conduct a market analysis when your tenants lease is up for renewal once per year so that we can provide you with information regarding the current market, so you can make informed rental rate decisions.

Some of the methods we use for our custom marketing program include but not limited to:

  • Professional property signage with a QR code – Many people scour the community they are interested in moving into, making professional signage a must. We take care of all of that for you. The QR code on our yard signs can be scanned with the tenants smart phone, to then be sent directly two our website where they can see pictures of your property, information about your property and all of the fees involved with renting your property.
  • We put your property up on our website www.NearMePm.com, which syndicates your property to other random sites, we have www.NearMePropertyManagement.com which points to the first one.
  • We put your property up on Realtor.com
  • Avail.com
  • Apartments.com
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Market Place
  • Multiple Local Facebook Groups
  • Zillow.com (if they are accepting third party sindication)
  • Trulia.com (if they are accepting third party sindication)
  • Hotpads.com (if they are accepting third party sindication)
  • Possible Homes.com
  • Social media posts to our followers looking for rentals
  • Postcards – We sometimes mail out postcards to our mailing list, when your property gets listed for rent and also when it gets rented. This builds buzz and also may be seen by a future tenant or they may know someone looking for a rental.


  • We show the property to ALL possible tenants prior to any applications. This gives you the biggest window of opportunity of finding a tenant. Some property management companies in town charge up to $150 per person for an application/administration fee and will not even show your property till they get the payment. This is bad for you and makes it harder to find a tenant. The other guys claim that it leads to only showing your property to qualified tenants. Instead it leads to them pocketing the $150 and you getting less eyeballs on your property.
  • Tenants can either schedule an in-person showing through our website, links on the other websites we market on, come in to our office or call us on the phone.
  • We confirm the showing appointments the morning of either by phone, text or email
  • We are present at each and every showing to tenants. We try to arrive 15 min early and will wait 15 min after an appointment in case they are late.
  • At each showing, we hand out applications to each applicant (if we have not ran out) or ask them if they want one emailed to them. They can also fill one out online.
  • Check to make sure that the property is secure, there are no new damage issues, no yard issues and see if there are any HOA issues, after each showing.
  • Interview each tenant applying for a rental.
  • Contact you once we get applications if you choose to be in the loop, otherwise we pick the best qualified tenant.
  • They then proceed to pay for and submit for the background/credit check. We only charge $30 per person that is 18 or older. We use a third party. We do not add any cost to the background checks. We do not get any of the money for the background checks. We only have tenants that are pre-approve go forward with the background check.
  • The background / credit check screens for sexual and violent offenders, criminal history, evictions, collections and a credit score.
  • Verify personal information, including employment, rental history, income, etc.

The other companies in town would prefer your place stay vacant as long as possible because they are making $50-$150 per person that is 18 or older that wants to rent your place. If they get 20 applications they are making $1000-$3000 off of your vacant property. We only make money if we get your place rented. That is why we charge $0 for an application/administration fee, and show your property without forcing people to fill out an application. This gets more eyeballs in the door.


  • Negotiate between tenant and owner to make sure both parties are on the same page when it comes to the terms of the lease
  • Write the lease
  • Write all addendum
  • Write all disclosures
  • Check for accuracy
  • Present to the owner for approval an signature
  • Present to the tenant for approval and signature
  • Get signed copies to all parties (digital or paper)
  • Collect all funds due from tenant
  • Once funds clear do move in walk-through with the tenant.
  • Explain the move-in walk-through and inventory list forms and how to fill them out.
  • Take a video and pictures of the condition of the property at that time (Not guaranteed to have available at a later date do to technical difficulties, damage, hackers and any other condition that makes it not available.)
  • Provide keys and remotes or access to keys and remotes upon move in date.
  • Give owner report of any items discovered during move-in walk-through that may need attention



  • Handle any service requests by the tenant
  • Handle any emergencies presented by the tenant
  • Hire service personnel to handle issues
  • Coordinate appointments between service personnel and tenants
  • Confirm work is done visually, digitally or verbally with tenant and/or service personnel
  • Deliver any violations to the tenant and inform owner
  • Follow up with violation remediation by tenant, city or HOA
  • Handle all disbursement of collected funds to the property owner.
  • Manage all funds in a trust account.
  • Provide annual statements for tax purposes.
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal systems.
  • Create and maintain a file and accounting system.
  • Pay all necessary property bills, including but not limited to service provider bills, HOA violations, NSF fees, and Lawyer fees and utilities bills if applicable.
  • Provide monthly financial reports to the property owner.
  • Distribute 5-day pay or quit notices to tenants that have not paid rent by end of the 5th day of the month.
  • Attach late fee to tenants account.
  • Process law firm paper work if an eviction is needed
  • Appear in court on owners behalf during eviction proceedings


At Near Me Property Management, we believe that quick, reliable, and cost-effective property maintenance is a critical component of upholding the integrity of a rental property and ultimately helps to create a healthy, happy relationship between tenant, property, and owner. We are always striving to walk the tight rope between service and price. Getting you the best deal while trying not to sacrifice service. We do not add anything to the cost of repairs, cleaning, maintenance or the like. If the price starts to look over priced we try to get multiple bids.


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